Tiny Hand Hockey Girls

Master List

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01- Yes, I’m a girl. Yes, I actually understand hockey.
02- Getting extremely nervous during OT games.
03- Mentally dating your favorite NHL player.
04- Having a group of friends, and a group of hockey friends. 
05- I find it extremely attractive when players chew on their mouth guard’s.  
06- My friends don’t understand. I can’t just stop watching a game to come over.  
07- Wearing your hockey jersey to school. 
08- Painting your nails according to your favorite team.  
09- My kids will play hockey. 
10- I need hockey friends.  
11- There’s a difference between finding players attractive, and being a puck bunny.  
12-  It’s not up for a debate. I AM going to marry a NHL player. 
13-  Wanting a hockey themed bedroom. 
14- Actually, I was a fan long before they won the cup.  
15- Yes, the players are cute, but some of us actually watch the game too. 
16- I’m a girl and I love hockey. Yes, I find some player’s attractive, but I’m actually watching the game too.
17- I’m a girl, and I play hockey. And I’m dead serious about it.