Tiny Hand Hockey Girls

…. Should I continue this blog?


I’m giving away this blog (girlpucklovers).
Obviously I’m not active on it. Soooo..

To enter:
-Must be following my personal blog, here.
-Reblog as many times as you’d like (the more you reblog the higher chance you have)

Winner will recieve:
-The URL
-All remaining followers
-Code & all settings if wanted
-I’ll send you the settings I use when making a post if you’d like to continue it

Likes will be ignored.
I will be using random generator once this reaches a good amount of notes, good luck! 

  • Year 2158: Kidz Bop 168!
  • No one: *orders it*

Promo Winner #3!

Is it you?

posted 2 years ago

thestormwillend asked: Holy crap. This blog is literally so amazing!! <3 Finally a blog that gets the love of hockey

Glad you like it! :) 

posted 2 years ago

puckslut7 asked: um hi can i have your blog? i.love.hockey. :)

Haha, no sorry. But thanks! :)

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: #4. my blog is actually good and I FOLLOW BACK 100%!

^FOLLOW! you’re on anon..

posted 2 years ago

VOTE Alley-Jazz for a self-promo!

Vote for Alley-Jazz HERE, tel me your vote number and self promo in my ask!

posted 2 years ago

Promo Winner #2!

This blog is mainly a Rangers blog, but mixed in you can find Flames as well. It’s a great blog- you should definitely check it out!

posted 2 years ago

If you have any questions just ask me. :)